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We all want that ‘Hollywood’ smile – bright, white teeth with no staining or ugly yellow marks

We all want that ‘Hollywood’ smile – bright, white teeth with no staining or ugly yellow marks. Regular brushing, flossing and general good oral hygiene will maintain a relatively bright smile, but for some people, that’s not enough to get their teeth really white.

Our teeth are not always naturally brilliant white. Some people have teeth that tend to be less than perfect when it comes to colour, while drinking, smoking and beverages such as coffee and tea can stain the outer layers of the tooth. Look on any pharmacy shelf and you’ll see a plethora of home whitening kits and toothpaste that claim to whiten your teeth by several shades in just a few days. But are they any good? And is it better to see a professional if you really want that perfect smile?

Why cosmetic dentistry is better than DIY whitening kits

While DIY whitening kits are considerably cheaper than a course of cosmetic dentistry, the results are often deeply disappointing. One of the main reasons why home whitening kits don’t have the same effect as a course of teeth whitening treatment from your dentist is the strength of the chemicals used.

Teeth whitening is usually done using a bleaching agent called carbamide peroxide, which contains hydrogen peroxide. Because of strict regulations on the use of this powerful bleach, home use kits use a low-strength carbamide peroxide gel, which usually contains between 10- 22% carbamide peroxide. This means that the results are far less satisfactory, as the gel used is not as strong as whitening products used by a dentist. These contain a much higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide – from 15% to 43% – which means the results are far more noticeable.

The whitening gel is usually placed in a mouthpiece that is then placed against the teeth for a certain period. To ensure that the gel is evenly distributed on the teeth, an impression of your teeth is taken and the dentist will then create a mouthpiece that is exactly tailored to your specifications. Because the gel is correctly placed against the enamel of the teeth, the overall effect will be much more natural.

Safety first

Probably the most important advantage of having your teeth whitening done by a professional is the safety aspect. After an initial examination to determine whether you are suitable for the process in the first place, professional dental whitening also provides a patient with the reassurance that the procedure is fully supervised throughout. A dentist will also be able to check for any signs of irritation and whether the process is effective.

Teeth whitening is not suitable for everyone, and there are limitations to the process. You need to be realistic about what to expect, and just how much of an effect a teeth whitening process will have. Remember also that it is not a permanent effect, and that to maintain white teeth you will need to repeat the process every six months or so.

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