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In many cases, we can also help patients who have more complex issues and may think they are unsuitable for dental implants.

When a tooth is missing, the surrounding bone in that area of the jaw begins to break down. This can pose a problem for patients who may want dental implants in the future, as implants are dependent on there being enough bone density in the jaw.

We can correct this with a bone graft. Under local anaesthetic, we take a small piece of bone from another area of your body and graft it onto your jaw. If we cannot use your bone, we can use bone taken from a donor or animal.

Over several months, the graft will gradually produce new bone tissue. If the graft is successful, a dental implant procedure becomes a viable option.

In some patients, the jaw bone is not dense enough in the area above the premolars, causing the maxillary sinuses in the cheeks to sit too low.

A sinus lift procedure is very similar to a bone graft, the only difference being that the location of the bone graft placement is very specific. As the graft grows new bone tissue, the sinuses lift, providing enough space for dental implants.

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