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I attended Wickersley Dental & Implant Practice on the recommendation of my dentist as I needed three implants.

I was delighted with the service given, the staff are extremely pleasant and thoughtful, they made me feel very relaxed as I was quite anxious about my treatment. Dimitrios (my dental surgeon) has made a wonderful job, he took time to explain the whole procedure with me and I would certainly recommend him and the practice.

Thank you so much Dimitrios, Christa and Natalie.

My best,

Dear Dimitrios,

I have written a “shortish” review of the treatment I have received. It’s perhaps rather too long but I wanted to explain the complexities you had to deal with :-

Over several decades, I had lost some teeth on both sides of my lower jaw. This had caused teeth in the upper jaw to gradually drop down by several millimetres as they had nothing to bite against. Due to retirement I was assigned a new dentist at my regular practice in Sheffield. He explained this was a problem that needed treatment and recommended I see Dr Dimitrios Stougiannos, now at Wickersley Dental Practice for a consultation.

In early 2016. Dimitrios carried out a thorough examination including taking 2D and 3D X-ray images. Dimitrios explained, showing me the X-ray images on the laptop in the surgery, that I had incurred bone loss in the right-hand upper and lower jaws and the tooth in the upper jaw which was slowly moving downwards. The situation was similar on the left hand site but not as severe. This was all much worse than I had thought it would be. However, Dimitrios carefully explained the various treatment options of which dental implants seemed by far the best solution. I subsequently had two teeth extracted then 5 implants and crowns fitted on the right during 2016 and early 2017. Later in 2017 and early 2018 I have had 2 implants placed in the lower jaw on the left to complete the restoration process. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to such a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner. I was never in any doubt that I was in safe hands.

During the various stages of treatment, I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism, care and reassurance shown by Dimitrios himself and assistants Krista, Natalie and Sue. I am very happy with the outcome and would unreservedly recommend Dimitrios and the Wickersley team for anyone needing restorative surgery.


The referral from my dentist of 20 plus years to Wickersley Dental Implant Practice for treatment for absent upper right teeth replacement, could not have been easier. From the initial consultation appointment, (where everything was discussed and explained, in a thorough and professional manner), to the final implant exposure appointment. All the members of the team I came into contact with, made me feel extremely comfortable and I have no hesitation in recommending the practice to anyone I know, and or speak to about my experience, and It goes without saying, that should I need any further dental work of this nature I will not hesitate to return many.

Thanks Wickersley Dental & Implant Practice

My teeth had deteriorated over the last few years becoming loose and unstable. I became nervous and wary of what I should eat and even how I should talk.

Wickersley Dental and Implant Practice recommended I have all my remaining teeth removed and replaced with implant retained bridges all in one day, the 'all on four' 'same day teeth solution.

I was relieved at the end of the day I was able to go home with a set of very acceptable temporary bridges and teeth. It was well worth getting it all done in one day. The team kept my discomfort to a minimum and gave excellent customer care.

I am totally delighted with the final result and extremely pleased with the new teeth and my appearance.

I 100% recommend the team at Wickersley Dental and Implant Practice. They have shown true dedication in completing this difficult task in restoring my confidence and ability to deal with my own customer facing role.

My teeth had become less even than they were, and this was not helped by the fact that I have habitually ground my teeth whilst asleep as an adult. Eventually the teeth on the right side, particularly the top had been moved to the right due to the force of grinding and clenching. This caused overcrowding on that side, to the extent that the canine was becoming outside the row so to speak. It had also not come fully down, causing an asymmetrical situation. The front two were beginning to cross over more than they had.

Before the treatment I was becoming increasingly less happy with my teeth. They seemed to be moving and I would have liked them to be straighter, but was repelled by conventional braces, especially in an adult context. The 'Invisalign' system has proved to be the answer in my case, mainly as the name suggests they are not obvious. The process was relatively gradual and gentle, and special techniques were deployed to deal with the stubborn difficult teeth. I had also a history of sensitive teeth and neuralgia which made it more potentially painful and difficult for me. In the event I have taken very few painkillers during the year, and my problems with sensitivity have been at a minimum relatively speaking.

I have to say that the utmost care has been taken by Dimitrios and his team of dental nurses. I don't think I could have encountered a team who are more friendly, conscientious and concerned for:

[a] the correct protocol and care to be taken
[b] to ensure I was as comfortable as I could be so as to ensure the best outcome, my situation was a challenge.

Now the treatment is complete I actually feel relieved that we have 'arrived' and feel liberated from the attachments in my mouth. Regarding the overall result, I have been amazed. Previously my perception had been that straightening teeth in adulthood was not an option, and I have been very surprised at how much and how relatively easily my teeth have moved. I am very pleased with the improvements, and it has enhanced my smile. Very pleased and will become more so as time goes by and I can fully appreciate what has been achieved.

Problem before treatment was a broken tooth and a gap behind. Solution was to remove broken tooth and have 2 implants.

Treatment was done in a professional manner and with good support from the team.

I am now waiting to see my own dentist for the next stage of my treatment. All has gone well so far.


I was referred by my dentist to Wickersley Dental Practice following long standing problems with a crown on a front tooth that meant I had to have the tooth removed. After considering the options given by Dimitrios I chose to have an have an implant. Every stage of the treatment was explained clearly.

The first stage of the process, the insertion of the titanium implant was virtually painless which for a dental phobic like me is quite an achievement! I've just the second stage completed and have been referred back to my own dentist for the final stage which will give me a new permanent tooth.

I have nothing but the highest praise for all the team at Wickersley. Unfailingly friendly, polite, caring and approachable, they could teach other practices a thing or two.

I have several teeth with crowns and thought that one had become loose; on closer examination my usual dentist found that the tooth under the crown had broken and I was advised to contact Wickersley Dental Service with a view to having an implant. Despite my apprehension, my visits to Wickersley were positive. I was treated with respect and care by friendly staff in a modern, stylish building where the facilities and equipment appeared to be of a very high standard; every part of the treatment was explained to me in advance in order to allay my fears and every effort was made to lessen my worries. Staff were very kind, friendly and knowledgeable and the treatment and care I received was of a very high standard. Having completed my treatment, with an implant now in place ready to have a crown fitted, I would have no hesitation in recommending the Wickersley Dental and Implant service to others.

Great work on a tricky implant problem. Superb engineering solution, and it looks good too. I'm a bit anxious these days about dental work these days, so I especially appreciate Dimitrios's good humour. Never laughed so much in a dentist's chair -- and without laughing gas!

I recently attended Wickersley Dental Practice for the extraction of two teeth and a filling. Mr Stokes was very patient and gentle and explained everything before he carried out the work and I would have no hesitation in recommending this Practice to anyone who needs treatment.

Recently one of my teeth fractured and had to be extracted. This left a single tooth bordered by two gaps which showed up when I smiled. The tooth had to be replaced - but in what way? Mr Mitchell explained clearly, calmly and patiently the possibilities open to me, the cost of each and left me to decide in my own time, which of the alternatives best suited my needs.At no time was there a requirement to make a quick decision.

Having made the decision to have an implant Mr Mitchell outlined in detail the process, the time scale involved and an opportunity to reconsider was offered. The process itself, which involves producing the replacement tooth, surgical procedures and fitting, took place over several weeks and was undertaken by Mr Mitchell and Mr Stougiannc. Their work was quick, accurate and highly professional, involved the use of high quality materials and incurred little pain.

Each stage was accompanied by explanation, reassurance and detailed accurate instruction of how to treat and care for the surgical site between visits. I now have an implanted tooth that not only matches the rest of my teeth, is totally unobtrusive and has had no detrimental effect to the surrounding teeth but has guaranteed durability. The next best thing to a natural tooth. Thank you Wickersley Dental Practice.

I have got a huge phobia where dentist are concerned but, through recommendation I came to your practice. It's the best decision I have ever made, the receptionist put you at ease upon arrival which is a plus then things get better still, I've finally got a dentist that I'm not in fear of! He was so kind, patient and understanding of my nervousness, he put me at ease and explained everything he was going to do, for once it was a painless procedure. I also so the hygienist who was brilliant from start to finish, basically every member of staff there are superb in what they do, it's not very often you get to meet a fantastic TEAM and that's what you are. Many thanks to you all

I was very pleased with my dental treatment at Wickersley Dental Practice . I was advised of all the options available to me and I chose to have an implant. The care and explanations were excellent and I am delighted with the outcome. I am pleased to recommend Wickersley Dental Practice

I have not been to the dentist for years due to fear, after breaking my tooth I had no choice and made an appointment at wickersley dental practice.

From the beginning and throughout my treatment I was made to feel at ease, Richard was really understanding about my fear reassuring me constantly, that everything was fine.

All of the team were kind and caring about my fears. I can only say thank you for helping me achieve dental fitness.


I had been with the same dentist for more than 40 years so it was worrying when he retired and I had to find a new dentist. My next door neighbour recommended Michael Stokes.

I need not have worried I found them all very friendly and helpful and the service provided was professional and very thorough.

I am more than happy to remain with them.

Hi Richard,

I first met you in 1996, when I was forty eight years of age. You had joined a dental practice in Worksop, where I had been a regular patient for many years. I had a mouthful of silver fillings, a denture that replaced a missing tooth and a crooked front tooth. I rarely smiled.

Within a short space of time, you completely transformed my appearance, with crowns, a bridge and white fillings. You also took away my fear of needles and drills! I still can not adequately express my gratitude, nor explain fully the impact that your work had on my self-esteem.

No wonder that I followed you when you set up your own practice in Wickersley!

Thirteen years later, at the age of sixty one, I had started to feel self conscious due to receding gums. After listening to your advise, I decided to go ahead and have my old crowns removed and new ones fitted.

I am absolutely delighted with the result. The entire procedure was painless and I felt relaxed throughout. My new crowns look natural and the gum line is fantastic. I never imagined that it could be this successful! Please show the before and after picture to anyone who is considering having similar work done.

The only painful aspect of the treatment is the fee, but a fortnight’s holiday can be costly and two weeks of pleasure cannot compare with years of smiles.

Thank you again Richard. You are skilful, patient, gentle and extremely professional. I am fortunate to have you as my dentist. Thanks also to the wonderful dental technician who created my crowns.

Your sincerely,

I had not visited a dentist because of a previous bad experience for several years until I was recommended to Wickersley Dental practice by a friend. I can honestly say that after extensive treatment I have no hesitation in recommending the practice to anyone.

I found the experience pleasant and rewarding. Having good dental health does wonders for your confidence. Take it from me you are in the best hands at Wickersley.

Many Thanks.

My experience of treatment in the Wickersley Dental Practice is one of the best I have ever experienced.

Punctual on appointments, courteous in dealing with the patients, making one feel at ease, clearly professional in every possible way: it is a pleasure having been treated at your clinic, which I can recommend unreservedly to every reader!

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