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If you have only lost one tooth, you can replace it with a single implant. Our implantologist will begin by placing a small titanium root substitute into your jaw bone under a local anaesthetic.

As the gums and jaw heal around the implant, it will fuse with the surrounding bone, fixing it securely in place. The healing process typically takes around three months, but it can be less in some cases. The implantologist will fit a healing cap to protect the implant during this time.

Once the implant is stable, you will return to the practice and we can then fit a crown on top of it. This new tooth will be bespoke-made for you to match the shape and colour of your natural teeth.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are small titanium rods that are placed into the upper or lower jawbone where there are missing teeth.

The titanium rods fuse with the surrounding bone to create a solid foundation for placing a crown, bridge or prosthesis.

How many implants will I need?

The number of implants required depends on the number of missing teeth you have.

Why trust Wickersley Dental with your dental implants?

Dimitrios Stougiannos DDS (Thes), Msc Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics, Msc

Dimitrios Stougiannos Wickersley Dental Implantologist, provides our implant and advanced restorative services.

  • Dimitrios has two Master’s degrees, one in implantology and the other in advanced restorative techniques.
  • Dimitrios has placed over 2500 implants incorporating the latest digital technology on planning, designing and manufacturing implant restorations.
  • Due to his vast experience, he is appointed as a mentor for the DENTSPLY system.

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