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High tech, natural-looking dentures made by your dentist

Dentures have a reputation for being difficult to wear.

And for many people, denture stability is a problem. But high-tech Swiss Gerber dentures are different.

Only a handful of dentists in the UK have the skills to make them. And we’re proud to offer our patients Gerber dentures, made here at Wickersley Dental Practice by our dentists, Richard Mitchell and Michael Stokes.

How do Gerber dentures work?

Gerber dentures have a unique “pestle and mortar” design: the upper teeth crush and grind food against the lower teeth. The design focuses on making the lower denture very stable so chewing is easier.

Traditional denture design relies on balancing the loads equally when upper and lower teeth bite together. But our mouths don’t work that way when we chew. And, of course, everyone’s mouth is different.

Gerber dentures take into account the structure of your mouth. Think of your jaw and gums like the ground under the foundation of a house; the foundation needs to suit the ground below it for the house above to be stable.

Why are Gerber the best dentures to get?

If you wear a full removable denture, your jawbone shrinks over time. This alters the shape of your mouth. Shrinkage makes it difficult to wear dentures owing to reduced suction from your gums.

Swiss Gerber dentures use their pestle and mortar design to hold your dentures in place. So your dentures will remain stable, even over time.

  • Smile, eat and speak with confidence
  • More comfortable and stable than ordinary dentures
  • Gerber dentures look like real teeth

We can customize your dentures to suit you with bespoke options:

  • Gender-specific, to suit men and women
  • Young, mature and universal designs
  • A wide range of tooth colours
  • Denture base made up of multiple colour tones

Call Wickersley Dental Practice near Rotherham on 01709 543033 or contact us for more information on Gerber Dentures.

Before Immediate Denture


After Immediate Denture









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