Thinking Of Getting Invisible Braces? 5 Stars Who Had help To Get Straight Teeth

If you’ve been thinking of getting invisible braces, but you’re worried what people might think, imagine doing it in the full glare of the world media. That’s exactly what these five stars did – and they’ve never looked back.

1. Gwen Stefani

Poor Gwen. Back in the ‘90s, traditional metal braces were pretty much the only option for adults who wanted straight teeth. But pop star Gwen showed she could even rock a set of train tracks. Years later, you’d never guess she once had crooked teeth.

Gwen Stefani braces

2. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has one of the most famous smiles in Hollywood. But back in ‘80s he was a serious snaggletooth. Now in his 50’s, his pristine teeth are still guaranteeing him leading man roles. Which just goes to prove choosing fixed, discreet braces was a long-term investment that’s paid off.

To Cruise braces

3. Justin Bieber

Wearing chunky metal braces would have put the dampeners on the Canadian teen heartthrob’s image. Luckily, Biebs was able to fix his overcrowded teeth with barely anyone noticing, thanks to Invisalign braces.

Justin Bieber wore Invisalign braces

4. Emma Watson

Emma’s worn a brace on-and-off since her Harry Potter days to achieve her beautiful, film star smile. Graduating from very noticeable silver braces to clear aligners along the way allowed Hermione to smile at least. And now, with her braces off, she can show off an Oscar-worthy set of pearly whites.

Emma Watson Braces

5. Angelina Jolie

It’s hard to believe Ange has ever looked any less than perfect. But even one of the world’s most beautiful women needed a little help in the tooth department. As this rare teenage snap proves, Angelina once wore braces to shape her now-famous smile.

Angelina Joie Braces

Posted by popcreative on 26th February 2015, under Improve your smile