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The Cost of Implants – A Complete Guide


Dental implants are a very popular solution to missing teeth and an attractive alternative to dentures. Implants are suitable for almost all patients and allow you to restore your smile with long-lasting, fixed replacement teeth that look and feel completely natural. The painless treatment will not just restore your smile – it will also give you back your confidence and zest for life. So what is the cost of implants and what exactly are you paying for? Let’s take a closer look.

Dental implants – what am I paying for?

When it comes to the cost of dental implants, it is really important that you understand exactly what is and isn’t included in the prices you have seen in advertisements or been quoted by a dental clinic. Here at Wickersley Dental & Implant Clinic in Rotherham, we pride ourselves on honest and transparent pricing with no hidden extra charges. We will always tell you exactly what is involved in your treatment and what you are paying for, so there are never any unpleasant surprises. The cost of implants with us includes the highest quality implants fitted by an extremely experienced specialist – and of course you’ll always be supported during and after your care by our friendly and caring dental care team.

The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is the beginning of your journey to a brand new you. Whether you are missing a single tooth or an entire arch, dental implants can be used to provide a fixed replacement and are suitable for almost every patient. However, because every individual is unique, it is important that your implantologist is able to conduct a thorough examination prior to beginning treatment. The initial consultation will allow your dentist to:

  • Discuss your expectations
  • Make sure that dental implants are a suitable treatment for you
  • Explain how dental implants work and what the treatment involves
  • Check for any problems such as gum disease which may need treating prior to treatment
  • Take or request X-rays if needed
  • Create a personalised treatment plan
  • Confirm the price for your treatment

The initial consultation will last approximately one hour and you will have the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

The Dental Implant Process

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant consists of three parts:

  • The implant itself, which is a replacement for the natural root of your tooth
  • The crown, which is the replacement tooth
  • The abutment, a connector which is used to mount the crown on the implant.

Fitting the implant

Fitting the implant is the most important part of the process, as just like the roots of your natural teeth this provides the foundation for everything else. It is made from titanium as this material is able to bond with bone – meaning that the new root actually becomes a permanent part of the structure of your jaw. Dental implants are fitted while your gums are anaesthetised, meaning that you won’t feel any pain during the process.

Bone grafting

In some cases, it may be necessary to perform an additional procedure known as ‘bone grafting’ in order to provide a suitably secure foundation for the implant. Don’t worry – this is not as bad is it sounds. In most cases, your dentist will use a special material that is added to your jawbone and this may even be done at the same time as the implant is fitted. If bone grafting is required, your dentist will cover this in depth during your initial consultation.

Temporary abutments

Once the implants have been fitted, you may be fitted with temporary abutments to protect them during the healing process. This process is also sometimes known as ‘osseointegration’ and typically lasts three to four months. If you have had a bone graft, this may take up to six months.

Fitting the crown

The final step in the dental implant process is having your crown(s) fitted. This will typically be done in a single visit – leaving you free to walk away with your brand new smile!

What is all-on-4 ‘Teeth in a day?

The All-on-4 technique is a treatment for people with multiple missing or failing teeth and problems wearing dentures. It replaces a whole arch or both arches of missing or failing teeth with a fixed bridge attached to dental implants in one visit, following your initial consultation. It is suitable for patients that have failing teeth or no teeth at all and is ideal for patients who have dentures and wish to replace them with fixed permanent replacement teeth. If you are within driving distance of Rotherham, you really can have a new smile in just one day.

Benefit from an expert implantologist

When you choose to have dental implants fitted at Wickersley Dental & Implant Clinic, the price you pay also includes having your treatment carried out by one of the leading experts in dental implants.

Does dental implant treatment hurt?

Because the entire process is carried out under anaesthetic, most patients do not feel anything other than slight discomfort, usually during the healing process. It is important nonetheless to remember that it is a minor surgical procedure and therefore the experience may vary for each patient.

How much do dental implants cost?

Here at Wickersley Dental Practice, our patients benefit from knowing that all of our implant treatments are carried out by our expert implantologist.

Dental implant costs at our Rotherham clinic are as follows*:


Initial consultation£90 (one off fee, regardless of how many implants required)
Price per single implantFrom £2,200.00
‘All on Four’ ‘Same day teeth’ full arch implant retained bridgesFrom £14,000.00


What if I need multiple implants?

Multiple implant cases are similar in price per unit as single cases but can be slightly less for instance if 3 units are being put on 2 implants it is less than the cost of three single restore implants. Your implantologist will be able to confirm the number of implants required and the total cost during your initial consultation.

NOTE: These are sample prices and full written estimates are provided at the start of each treatment plan prior to treatment commencing.

To find out more about dental implants or to book your initial consultation, call us today on 01709 543033


*Prices correct at time of publication. The price of treatment will be confirmed during your initial consultation.

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