The Benefits of Dental Implants

Having missing teeth can have a negative effect on your overall wellbeing, often severely knocking your confidence and causing you to be conscious of your smile.

Dental implants are small titanium rods that are placed into the upper or lower jawbone where there are missing teeth. The titanium rods fuse with the surrounding bone to create a solid foundation for placing a crown, bridge or prosthesis.

Dental implants offer our dentists the opportunity to provide a safe, reliable, and cosmetically-friendly long-term solution that can create or restore wonderful smiles.

Tooth loss can occur as a result of a variety of dental problems. Gum disease, infection and injury are just three of the common reasons that can cause a patient to eventually suffer tooth loss.

Dentures have long been a suitable treatment option for patients with missing teeth. Partial dentures are dental appliances which can help in cases when a fewer amount of teeth are missing, whereas full dentures can suitably replace teeth in cases where full sets are missing. Dental implants, however, are a brilliant, hassle-free permanent solution. Not only do they have fantastic durability and will last a long time if given the correct care but they also look brilliant and feel great.

If you are looking to replace missing teeth in your smile, why not visit us for an initial consultation for dental implant treatment? To arrange your appointment, do not hesitate to contact Wickersley Dental Practice via the website or directly by telephone at the practice today on 01709 543033.

Posted by popcreative on 18th October 2013, under Dental Implants