Oral Health For Parents

If you are a parent, you will no doubt be aware that young children typically enjoy food and drink products that contain a high volume of sugar. It is best for your child that their intake of such products is limited due to the fact that they are a major cause of tooth decay. Do not allow your children to consume food or drink products that contain added sugar more than four times a day, and allocate the times that they are allowed them to mealtimes. A sugar-free option of anything your child consumes would be preferable to an alternative with a high sugar content.

Q: Why should we brush our children’s milk teeth?
A: In order to promote a sense that oral hygiene is important, regular brushing of your children’s milk teeth is believed to instil good habits in your children as they grow up. Making sure that brushing teeth becomes an integral part of the washing routine will produce long-term benefits for your child’s future oral health.

Q: How do I know which toothpaste to choose for my children?
A: This is a good question, as there are many toothpastes available which do not contain enough fluoride to prevent tooth decay in young people. The guideline on fluoride toothpastes is to choose one that consists of a minimum fluoride consistency of 1000 parts per million.

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