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New Year, New You – Transform your life with Teeth in a Day


Christmas is coming and people around the world look forward to spending this magical time with their family and friends. Soaking up the warm and happy atmosphere of time well spent together and, of course, recording it all on camera to share with friends and family alike. For those who struggle with missing or failing teeth, Christmas can be far from fun. Such problems quickly take the pleasure out of eating, and can easily make people reluctant to bare their smile for the camera.

Luckily there is an ideal solution available from the team here at Wickersley Dental Practice. We can solve your problems and restore your smile and confidence in just a day. Read on to learn more about Teeth in a Day.

What is Teeth in a Day and all on four implants?

Teeth in a day is a solution that is suitable for both patients that have failing teeth or no teeth at all. Patients who have dentures but are not happy with them and wish to replace them with fixed, permanent teeth are also suitable for this treatment. The system allows the patient to get fixed replacement teeth in just a day. We can replace a whole arch or both arches of missing or failing teeth in just one visit, using a fixed bridge attached to dental implants.

What’s involved?

When you arrive for your initial consultation, our expert implantologist will conduct an examination. This ensures that everything is ordered, arrange for a scan to check your jaw bone levels and quality and that the treatment is suitable for you. He will discuss all the treatment in detail. When you are ready to commence treatment your teeth in a day appointment will be arranged. On the treatment day any remaining teeth will be removed. Dental implants are then placed, which provide the foundation for your new teeth. Our experienced on-site dental technician will then make and adapt a temporary bridge, which will then be fitted in place. Once this has been done, your teeth are fixed in place on a bridge, leaving you free from failing teeth or dentures on the same day. All that’s left is for you to show off your new smile!

Are you suitable for Teeth in a Day?

Although Teeth in a Day is available for the vast majority of patients, it is important to remember that like any dental treatment individual circumstances vary, so an individual consultation will always be conducted. If, however, you can answer yes to any of the following questions, then it is likely to be an ideal solution for you:

  • Do you currently wear dentures and find them difficult or uncomfortable?
  • Have failing loose teeth?
  • Suffer from failing loose teeth due to gum disease?
  • Struggle to eat with loose teeth or dentures?
  • Are you embarrassed by your smile?
  • Limited to soft foods because of loose teeth or dentures?

If you answered yes to any of these, give us a call now to discuss Teeth in a Day.

Transforming lives – patient stories

Mr Burrows

Mr Burrows’ teeth had deteriorated over the last few years, becoming increasingly loose and unstable. He had become nervous and wary of what he should eat and even how he should talk. We recommended that he have all his remaining teeth removed and replaced with implant retained bridges all in one day, using the ‘all on four’ ‘same day teeth solution.

Heres what Mr Burrows had to say:

“I was relieved at the end of the day I was able to go home with a set of very acceptable temporary bridges and teeth. It was well worth getting it all done in one day. The team kept my discomfort to a minimum and gave excellent customer care.

I am totally delighted with the final result and extremely pleased with the new teeth and my appearance.

I 100% recommend the team at Wickersley Dental and Implant Practice. They have shown true dedication in completing this difficult task in restoring my confidence and ability to deal with my own customer facing role.”

Mrs Cox

Mrs Cox came to us with failing upper and lower teeth that were causing her to be increasingly dissatisfied with the appearance of her smile and starting to impact on her lifestyle. We first removed the failing teeth, before fitting retained bridges to both the upper and lower arch, leaving Mrs Cox with a brand new smile in the same day.

Teeth in a Day | Wickersley Dental Practice

What Mrs Cox said:

“I had been having problems with my teeth for quite a few years, pain and loose teeth. The impact on my life made me unhappy and I was in pain when eating and also my general health was effected. I felt so embarrassed when speaking to people.

I was unhappy and moved to Wickersley Dental and Implant practice. My problem, which was gum disease was diagnosed straight away by Mr Mitchell and after discussing all of the potential solutions with him I decided I wanted to have my teeth replaced with implant retained bridges.

The treatment I have received while with the practice has been excellent.

The implant surgery was marvellous and straightforward because the whole team work so well together. Each jaw was done over 2 separate days. The whole team at the practice are helpful and friendly making you feel so relaxed they are like one big family.

With my new teeth my life has changed now I do not have toothache and feel happy to be pain free.

I would highly recommend this treatment even at the age of 80 it is wonderful and truly changes your life and outlook.

I would like to thank the whole team. I would highly recommend Wickersley Dental and Implant practice for both implants and general dental care.”

To learn more about teeth in a day and find out how soon you could have a brand new smile, give our team a call now on 01709 543033 or click here to book an appointment online and we’ll respond as soon as possible


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