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Laughing Camel Proves He’s Just One Of The Guys


Photographer, Hossam Antikka got a welcome surprise when he looked back at a group selfie he’d taken with his mates. One new friend seemed over the moon to be part of the fun – a laughing camel.

Laughing camel

Hossam and his friends had spent half an hour bonding with the desert animal before the snap was taken. ‘It was a really nice camel, so I thought it was only right we should have a photo with it,” said Hossam.“We had been playing with it and feeding it shortly before I took the picture so I think it was happy to see us”.

It wasn’t until he looked back over his photos later, that Hossam discovered just how much the camel had enjoyed hanging out with the guys. “It just happened by chance, we had no idea that the camel was smiling for the picture,” he explained.

Group of camels

After sharing the picture on Facebook, Hossam went to bed. When he woke the next morning, the image had gone viral. Since then, Hossam’s laughing camel has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

Hosaam’s memento of befriending one of the desert’s notoriously crabby creatures is still making him smile: “It makes me feel so joyful every time I look at the picture. I think it is God’s way of rewarding me,” he says. “Other people seem to like it too, they have commented on how the picture is so full happiness and positivity.”




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