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L is for Love


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, our latest article is inspired by love…

L is for Loose Teeth

Few things can be more uncomfortable and worrying than loose teeth. It is a problem that can affect people of all ages, and should be resolved as soon as possible to avoid the loss of teeth and damage to the teeth and gums. If loose teeth are caused by failing teeth – a common problem as we become older – then it is worth considering dental implant treatment, where failing teeth can be removed and replaced by crowns which are firmly mounted on a new, long-lasting titanium root to which we can attach a new tooth. Dental implantation is very straightforward and can be used to replace anything from a single tooth to a complete set, with long-lasting results that will put a smile back onto your face.

Here at Wickersley Dental & Implant Practice in Rotherham, we also offer our patients the opportunity to leave our practice with a same day smile, with our Teeth In A Day fixed bridgework treatment. Using what is known as the all-on-4 technique, Teeth in a day replaces a whole arch or both arches of missing or failing teeth with a fixed bridge attached to dental implants in one visit, allowing you to leave with fixed replacement teeth in the same day.

O is for Oral Hygiene

When it comes to feeling good about yourself, oral hygiene is of vital importance. Maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene helps to protect your teeth and gums to avoid the onset of problems such as tooth decay and gum disease, as well as helping to avoid everyday issues such as bad breath.

As well as following a good brushing routine, we recommend that you visit your dentist and hygienist on a regular basis. Your dentist or hygienist will perform a thorough scale and polish, and will teach you how to properly clean your teeth of bacterial plaque, an invisible layer of bacteria, which, when mixed with sugar, turns into acid. This can then cause tooth decay, or infect the gums if it is not removed regularly. Your dentist will also discuss dietary and lifestyle habits that might affect your teeth, and advise you on which oral care products are best suited to you.

V is for Veneers

If you find yourself frustrated by the appearance of damaged, discoloured or chipped teeth, veneers may be an ideal solution to restore your confidence. A veneer is a very thin layer of ceramic that is used to cover the visible part of the tooth in much the same way as a false nail. Unlike false nails, however, they are made of very tough materials which last for a very long time. Veneers are bonded to the tooth to create a replacement outer cover that completely blends in with the natural teeth around it.

E is for Excellence

Here at Wickersley Dental & Implant Practice, we pride ourselves on offering excellence in every area of our dental practice – from the care and treatment you receive from our dentists and hygienists, to the customer service offered by our wonderful reception team. As a member of our practice, you can be assured of the very best dental experience every step of the way.

To book an appointment or enquire about becoming a practice member at Wickersley Dental & Implant Practice, contact us now on Rotherham 01709 543033 or contact us online and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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