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Invisalign Adult Braces


Typically an Invisalign case takes around 12 months but it does depend on the case. We can give a better estimate of the time it will take once we have planned the case and done computer generated results modelling.

Invisalign is tried and tested world wide, over thousands of cases and is very successful in the right cases.

Teeth do need retaining after treatment to keep their new positions and the length of time depends upon the case. Commonly retainers are just worn at night time.

Invisalign does work on crowded teeth.

With Invisalign eating and drinking is not a problem as the aligners can be removed for this.

There are no known risks of the Invisalign treatment and it does not damage teeth gums or roots.

The process requires an initial consultation for case assessment. If the case is suitable then impressions are taken along with photographs of your teeth. Advanced computer software can then be used to generate images of your teeth and how they will look when the treatment is complete. At this stage should you wish to go ahead the aligners are made by the laboratory ready for fit. From Initial consultation to fit of the first aligner usually takes around 4 weeks.

During treatment regular appointments are required for monitoring and fit of subsequent aligners at approximately monthly intervals.

At Wickersley Dental Practice we have a dedicated team who will put even the most nervous patients at ease with their caring approach.

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