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Some Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I know which toothpaste to choose for my children?
A: This is a good question, as there are many toothpastes available which do not contain enough fluoride to prevent tooth decay in young people. The guideline on fluoride toothpastes is to choose one that consists of a minimum fluoride consistency of 1000 parts per million.
Q: The fluoride present in the water supply in UK is enough to keep my teeth healthy. Do I still need to brush my teeth as regularly?
A: While fluoride can be found in the water supply in certain areas of the country (check with your supplier for information on whether fluoride is present in your water), it has been proved to be as little as around 10%. Even if fluoride is present in your water supply, you absolutely should continue with the brushing and flossing regime recommended by dentists.
Q: Should my teeth be OK if I avoid sugary products such as sweets and fizzy drinks?
A: To an extent, yes. There are, however, many more foods and drinks that contain a volume of sugar that is potentially harmful to your teeth. The natural sugars found in fruit, fruit juice, and honey are just as likely to pose problems for your teeth, and it is just as advisable therefore to also limit these foods to occasional mealtimes.


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