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It’s An Emergency! A Man’s Guide To Oral Health


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It’s National Smile Month (May 19 – June 19) and the spotlight is on the UK’s teeth and gums. This massive oral health campaign by the British Dental Foundation aims to get everyone thinking about their oral health. But, with only 46% of men visiting their dentist regularly, nearly half the male population could be in danger of a dental emergency.

Who needs oral health?

But why is winging it so bad? What’s wrong with leaving your teeth to their own devices until there’s a problem? Well, possibly quite a bit. Gum disease can put you at greater risk of other health problems like stroke, diabetes, heart disease and heart attacks. That’s right, pretty serious stuff. So even if you’re the kind of bloke who’s too manly for moisturiser, taking care of your teeth is about more than sheer vanity.

If you do need an emergency dental appointment, our practice offers an emergency dentist service to registered and non-registered patients at our practice near Rotherham, Yorkshire. But we’d much rather share tips on how to avoid emergency dental treatment with good oral health. So chaps, here’s your guide:

See your dentist regularly

It’s something you probably look forward to about as much as getting the car MOT’d. But seeing your dentist is just as essential. And, like an MOT, your dentist might want to see you every 6 months or once a year. If your teeth are in good shape, it could even be every 2 years.

Clean your teeth

One of the best ways to steer clear of the emergency dentist is keeping on top of your oral hygiene. Obvious, right? But, like other aspects of their health, sometimes guys can neglect themselves in this department. If this is you, take note: keeping your teeth clean is not rocket science. It’s 2 minutes out of your life, twice a day.

  • Treat yourself a to a new toothbrush (replace it every 3 months and if you’ve been ill), some nice fluoride toothpaste and get scrubbing. But not too hard. Technique is everything. What your aiming for is a gentle circular motion at a 45 degree angle to your gum line.
  • Make brushing part of your morning and bedtime routine. And, to spice up things up in the bathroom, try a flavoured mouthwash or flossing. Your other half will thank you. And if you’re single, a nice fresh mouth will most definitely go in your favour.
  • Ditch the junk in your diet. You probably had it drummed into you as a kid that eating sweets will rot your teeth. Well, unfortunately it’s true. So if you need a snack, try a lump of cheese, some plain yoghurt or some raw veg crudités. These food are not only better for your teeth, they’re better for our body. So you can look forward to flashing a winning smile as you rock those James Bond swim shorts.

Other oral no-nos include cigarettes (just don’t, smoking is silly and it smells) and citrus fruit juice, coffee, fizzy drinks (sugary and diet) and alcohol – try to keep these to a minimum.

Watch your mouth – protect your teeth

Are you the sporty type? If so make sure your protecting your teeth from knocks. Trauma to the mouth due to accident or injury is another way you might end up needing to see an emergency dentist. Of course, the unexpected can always come along and bite us on the bottom. But there are things you can do to minimise the risks. Wearing a gum shield if you play contact sports, such as rugby for example. Or, if you’re a biker, wear a helmet that protects your lower face.

So hopefully you now you have some solid, manly advice to help keep your mouth in shape. But, if you do need emergency dental treatment, please call us at Wickersley Dental Practice near Rotherham, Yorkshire on 01709 543033.

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