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Communication – At the Heart of Exceptional Dental Care



When it comes to top class dental care, having access to professional dentists with extensive knowledge and experience is often top of the list when choosing a practice. It is natural that you want to choose a clinic which has a track record and reputation not just in general dentistry, but also in the specific field of treatment that you may require.

However, the real difference between a good dentist and a great dentist often lies in one single thing – their ability to communicate well. At Wickersley Dental Practice in Rotherham, we are committed to good communication and place it at the heart of the patient experience.

So how can communication help to ensure exceptional dental care?

Every patient is an individual

At Wickersley Dental Practice, we pride ourselves in offering a personal service to each and every client. As a small practice this begins with the personal and friendly environment we have created, and extends to the entire relationship between you and your dentist. We listen carefully to your needs, concerns and fears to help you have the best possible experience on every visit. We encourage our patients to ask questions, no matter how unimportant they may feel they are, so that you can come for a checkup or treatment with complete confidence. We also encourage our patients to leave feedback so we can continuously offer nothing less than exceptional service.

Understanding what’s involved

Unless you are a specialist in the field, understanding everything to do with your dental care is not always easy. Our dentists believe that every patient should have the opportunity to understand exactly what’s involved in their treatment, and will always take the time to explain things in a language that makes sense to you. Thanks to our commitment to continuity of service, you will communicate with the clinician responsible for your treatment from the outset, meaning that you have all the information you need first hand – ensuring that nothing is lost in translation.

Make informed decisions

Before you can make an informed decision on the best treatment or procedure for you, it is important that you have all the information you need including any alternative options. We believe that every patient should have the opportunity to ask questions freely and receive accurate and informative answers from the person who will be performing the treatment. We put trust and transparency at the centre of our relationship with you, so that you can be completely confident that your health and wellbeing is the top priority for your dentist.

Know what you’re paying for

Whether it’s emergency treatment, ongoing dental procedures or cosmetic work that you require, we believe that you have the right to know not just how much you are paying but also what exactly you are paying for. Our dental experts will provide a full explanation of the likely costs from the outset, and will update you if anything is likely to change during the course of your treatment. We are always happy for you to ask questions if there is any element that you are unsure of.

Understanding your role in your dental care

Great results in dental care don’t just rely on great dentists – it is important that you fully understand your role in making the treatment a complete success – whether that’s preventative care to maintain general health and hygiene or more specific requirements following treatment. The more you know about how to play an effective part in looking after your smile, the happier you will be with the final result. We believe that you and your dentist should function as a team, so that you can take an active role in your dental care at every stage.
At Wickersley Dental Practice of Rotherham, we put communication at the heart of what we do. To learn more about becoming a new patient, please click here to submit an online form or give us a call on 01709 543033.

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