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1 – 30 November 201

Key Facts About Mouth Cancer

  • Latest figures show that in 2011, there were 6,767 people diagnosed with mouth cancer in the UK
  • That’s 18 people every day – one person diagnosed every 77 minutes
  • Mouth cancer cases have increased by a third in the last decade…

Who does it effect?

  • Mouth cancer is twice as common in men than women
  • 86% of cases are diagnosed in those over 50
  • More than 90% of mouth cancers in men and 85% in women are linked to lifestyle and environmental factors

Through the month of November Wickersley Dental Practice are inviting current patients and non patients to a free mouth cancer examination to promote mouth cancer action month.

Mouth Cancer Action Month was set up to raise awareness of mouth cancer which effects thousands of people every year.

You can register for this free event here “Get Me Checked

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