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Beat the winter blues with a brighter, whiter smile


It’s that time of year again… the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. The chilly air might even be setting your teeth on edge as you reluctantly leave the house for work every morning, wrapped up and ready for whatever the weather has to throw at you. Sound familiar? It can be hard to find a lot to smile about at this time of year. However, with a brighter whiter smile from Wickersley Dental Practice in Rotherham, you just won’t be able to stop smiling. Read on to learn more about this safe and simple way to say goodbye to the winter blues.

Benefits of professional teeth whitening

If you thought that having your teeth professionally whitened was just about appearances, think again. Our smiles naturally fade over time. This can have a significant impact on our personal and professional lives. It is completely normal to become very self-conscious about your appearance, and this can lead to a lack of confidence and low self-esteem – especially in a world where there is so much pressure to put your face out there. People who are unhappy with their smile often find themselves skipping family photo occasions, stepping back from social media and avoiding professional engagements such as presentations, speeches and even interviews for new posts.

The end result is that people can really miss out as a result – and it can even impact your earnings. Choosing to have your teeth professionally whitened is a small price to pay for the benefits of feeling great about yourself and the new opportunities this can bring.

Why do my teeth need whitening?

There are many things that affect the colour and condition of our teeth, with lifestyle factors being one of the most significant. Among the biggest culprits are smoking, along with drinking coffee and red wine. However, it is important to understand that even the normal food and drink we consume on a daily basis can play a role in the gradual discolouration of our teeth.

Although there is now a huge choice of over the counter products available such as whitening toothpastes, many people who have tried these will have been left feeling out of pocket and disappointed with the results. This is because long-term staining penetrates the enamel and requires a much stronger chemical process to remove. Most readily available whitening products are only sufficient to tackle surface staining and not the real problem. Dentists, on the other hand, have access to safe and effective solutions that are guaranteed to get really visible improvements.

How safe is teeth whitening?

For maximum safety along with the best possible results, teeth whitening should always be carried out either by or under the supervision of a qualified dentist – and there are several good reasons for this. Firstly, the teeth whitening treatment you receive is completely safe and approved under the relevant regulations. You can also be sure that strict hygiene rules are adhered to at all times. 

We will always conduct an examination prior to whitening treatment to ensure that the treatment is suitable for you. They will check for any issues such as gum disease that may cause discomfort or other issues. During the course of teeth whitening treatment, the dentist will make sure your gums are protected as much as possible. They will oversee the process and be available should you have any questions or concerns during your treatment.

How long does teeth whitening take?

With the home whitening solution available from Wickersley Dental Practice, you will usually be able to see visible results within 2-3 weeks. This may vary depending on the individual circumstances and can take longer as you become older. Your dentist will discuss your desired outcome and what you can expect during your consultation.

Once you’ve had your initial consultation, you’ll be given a home bleaching kit. This kit contains a whitening gel which is applied in a laboratory fitted tray. This is made especially for you and designed to give your gums the best possible protection. It is usually worn overnight but can be worn during the day if you prefer. Your dentist will give you detailed instructions and demonstrations so you can continue your treatment in complete confidence. Within 2-3 weeks you’ll start to see a real difference.

To enquire about teeth whitening or to book your consultation today, call Wickersley Dental Practice in Rotherham today on 01709 543033.


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