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Apprehension and Phobia of the Dentist


Approximately 25% of the population admit to feeling nervous and sometimes even afraid of a visit to the dentist. What is important for such patients to keep in mind is the dentists nowadays are made very much aware of statistics such as this, and are trained to make their patients feel more at ease and comfortable to undergo dental examinations and treatment.

There is an association made in many people’s minds between a visit to the dentist and needles/injections. For people whose fear of the dentist stems from this type of relationship, it may be worth while learning that the technology used in the dental wand now allows anaesthesia to be administered at such a methodical rate that it minimises pain. A numbing gel is also available prior to injections which will nullify the feeling in the gums so that if a needle injection is required, it can be performed without being felt by the patient.

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