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4 top tips for a tooth friendly Easter


Did you know that in the UK, over 90 million chocolate eggs are sold every Easter? With each egg containing a significant amount of sugar, have you ever stopped to think about the implications on your family’s teeth? Here at Wickersley Dental Practice, we wouldn’t want to dampen your spirits on this wonderful family occasion. However, if you’re inspired to find some tooth-friendly alternatives here are some great suggestions from the team.

1. Make and do

If the weather’s good, then getting outdoors is for sure the best way to keep the children away from all things sweet. If, however, you want to keep them distracted when they’re indoors, getting them into some inspired Easter activities is a great way to keep little hands busy and little teeth healthy. Why not visit your local craft shop, where you’ll find all kinds of crafting supplies on an Easter theme. There is all manner of materials on offer now, including polystyrene eggs which can be painted or decorated with Papier Mâché, baskets, beads, craft paper, ribbons and much more. For some extra inspiration, spend some time online first to find the ideal activities for your family.

2. It’s all about the eggs

It goes without day that for most children, Easter is all about the eggs. But who said that they have to be chocolate? Whilst here in the UK there is a tradition of exchanging chocolate eggs, other countries don’t have the same habit. In Poland, for example, there is a much healthier tradition – children dye hard-boiled eggs with edible colours, or use paints and wax crayons to make beautiful eggs which can be shared and eaten. Have a quick look online (it’s not too late for next day delivery) or ask in your local craft shop for food safe egg dyes.

2. Choose your timing

A lot of websites suggest that switching from traditional milk chocolate to dark chocolate is better for your health. Whilst there is some valid evidence to support this it does not, unfortunately, apply to your teeth. It is true that dark chocolate typically contains just half the sugar you’d normally find in its milky counterpart. However, it’s important to understand that it is not the quantity of sugar that puts teeth at risk but the frequency of intake. Ideally, chocolate eggs should be consumed directly after a meal so that teeth are not repeatedly exposed throughout the day.

4. The wholefood option

If you’re feeling adventurous and fancy a complete alternative to processed products, there’s lots to explore with tasty wholefoods. With such a wide range available in both supermarkets and wholefood shops, Easter is a perfect opportunity to introduce your children to a new approach to snacking and get them away from sweets and crisps for good. From goodie-filled organza bags to home-made natural cakes, there are ideas aplenty on the internet. Do remember to choose carefully depending on your child’s age. Foods such as nuts and dried food can present a choking hazard to younger children.

The team at Wickersley Dental Practice would like to wish you and your family a Happy Easter. To learn more about the full range of family dental services available at our friendly and welcoming clinic, give us a call now on Rotherham 01709 543033 or contact us online here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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