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All on Four Implants in Rotherham

Teeth in a Day in Wickersley, Rotherham

The All-on-4 technique for people with multiple missing or failing teeth and problems wearing dentures.

Arrive with missing / failing teeth and leave with a new smile with the teeth in a day fixed bridgework also known as All-on-4 dental implants solution. For those who wish to avoid the need for dentures.

A dentist needs specialised training to carry out the all on four dental implant treatment and experience is key. Dimitrios Stougiannos has that experience and as a result, his success rates are very high if strict aftercare protocols are followed.

What is teeth in a day and all on four implants?

  • It replaces a whole arch or both arches of missing or failing teeth with a fixed bridge attached to dental implants in one visit
  • It offers fixed replacement teeth in the same day
  • It is suitable for patients that have failing teeth or no teeth at all
  • It is suitable for patients that have dentures and wish to replace them with fixed permanent replacement teeth

What is the procedure?

  • On the day of treatment any remaining teeth are removed
  • The implants are placed
  • Our on site technician makes and adapts the temporary bridge which is then fixed in place
  • You then leave with your new smile! The teeth are fixed in place on a bridge and you are free from your failing teeth or denture on the same day
  • After around four months a permanent bridge is constructed to fit to the implants

What are the benefits of Teeth in a day or All on 4 dental implants?

  • You leave with a new smile and a fixed temporary bridge the same day, no need for a denture at any stage you have fixed teeth throughout the entire process
  • No need to put up with poor fitting unstable dentures and wobbly teeth. This process is life changing and provides fixed teeth with a natural look. It is truly life changing

Are you suitable?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions then you are suitable for teeth in a day / all on four dental implants:

  • Do you currently wear dentures and find them difficult or uncomfortable?
  • Have failing loose teeth?
  • Suffer from failing loose teeth due to gum disease?
  • Struggle to eat with loose teeth or dentures?
  • Are you embarrassed by your smile?
  • Limited to soft foods because of loose teeth or dentures?

What are the costs?

Each case is individual costs start FROM £12,000 depending on complexity. Each case is individually planned and full treatment can and associated costs are provided.

So for your 60 min extensive consultation call today on 01709 543033.

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So for your 60mins extensive consultation call today on 01709 543033.
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At Wickersley Dental Practice we aim to provide you will all of the information you will need at your first consultation.

We will also check that dental implants are suitable for you and determine the right treatment to meet your needs.

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